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Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

SKU# 9781932603545

Author: Allen C. Bowling MD, PhD



The first edition of Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis quickly became the single source for accurate and unbiased information on a wide range of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches that can aid both in the management of multiple sclerosis symptoms and in promoting general health and wellness. The second edition of this authoritative book continues to offer reliable information on the relevance, safety, and effectiveness of various alternative therapies.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis, 2nd Edition is completely updated throughout, and reflects the advances in the field since the first edition's publication in 2001. There is a new chapter on low-doseNaltrexone and a pivotal section on integrating conventional and alternativemedicines.

Therapies are organized alphabetically so that readers can readily pinpoint a specific treatment and learn about its origins, merits, and possible uses in MS. They will find in-depth discussions on topics that include acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic medicine, cooling therapy, yoga, diets and fatty acid supplements, the use of herbs, vitamins and minerals, and much more.

With this book, readers will be able to:

  • Find other options that may provide symptomatic relief when conventional therapies are limited
  • Learn about potentially dangerous interactions between CAM therapies and medical treatments used in the management of MS
  • Identify CAM therapies that are effective, low risk, and inexpensive
  • Recognize ineffective, dangerous, or costly alternative therapies


Product Details 

  • Publication Date November 07, 2006
  • Page Count 287
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9781932603545
  • EISBN 9781934559536

Table of Contents 

Placebos and Psychoneuroimmunology
Important Precautions About Complementary and Alternative Medicine and MS
Types of Therapy
A Five-Step Approach: Integrating Conventional and Unconventional Medicine
Summary of the Effects of Popular Dietary Supplements

Editorial Review(s) 

"This book is full of wise and balanced information. It provides a valuable service to patient and health care provider alike."--Dr. Oliver Sacks, author of Awakenings

"Rarely does a publication address an unmet need as thoroughly as Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis... Dr. Allen Bowling is uniquely qualified to produce a book on CAM, having a doctorate in pharmacology and clinical experience as a neurologist treating people with MS. Organized in a user-friendly format, the topics are grouped in logical categories. In addition, references are provided, encouraging further exploration. Highly recommended for people with MS, their families, and their health-care providers." -- InsideMS

"Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis is a much-needed resource. Dr. Bowling has done an excellent job of making his reader more aware of the myriad forms of non-traditional therapies available." -- Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

"In Dr. Allen Bowling's Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis, he enables the reader to find unconventional options that may provide symptomatic relief when conventional therapies for multiple sclerosis are limited or otherwise unsatisfactory. Dr. Bowling explains the potentially dangerous interactions between complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies and medical treatments utilized in the management of MS; identifies CAM therapies that are possibly effective, low risk, and inexpensive; and exposes ineffective, dangerous, or needlessly costly alternative therapies. Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis is a very highly recommended and informative addition to any personal or professional multiple sclerosis reading list." --The Bookwatch