Job Opening: Senior Managing Editor

Reports to: VP, Production


Manage discipline-assigned staff, freelancers, and product to on-time, on-budget, and on-quality delivery in digital and print formats, supporting content currency and accuracy and department and company initiatives and requirements in a dynamic, evolving environment. Work closely with the Senior Managing Editor, Behavioral Sciences and Medicine, to refine and monitor department initiatives and requirements. Act as Production Editor on 2-3 nursing titles per month.


  • 7 to 10 years managing staff in educational publishing for both print and digital products
  • Medical and nursing publishing experience
  • Experience with digital product delivery systems and content management systems

Job Description:

Content Management System

  • Oversee utilization of Springer Publishing’s Content Management System and other tools (e.g., production tracking database, manuscript submission tools) available to the department for first prints/first releases, errata, revised/new editions, and revised reprints/digital updates.
  • Become the CMS “expert” to author users, personally introducing the CMS process to our authors and book editors. Develop and maintain our CMS FAQs and training materials for author users and other external users.

Vendor/Department Support:

  • Ensure that staff and vendors adhere to department requirements and, with Editorial, our Author Guidelines as far as required deliverables to Production.
  • Periodically review the Production Dept’s project requirements, author guidelines, and other documents, treating these as evolving documents requiring updating as company requirements and initiatives change.
  • Review per-project critiques from sense readers and production editors regarding vendor performance and report issues to the department head. Goal is to develop and build partnerships in content quality and project requirements with dedicated freelancers and composition and production support vendors.

Content support:

  • Develop our discipline-specific, consistent pool of sense readers and production support vendors toward developing them as “subject matter experts.”
  • Critique and offer support to freelancers and production support vendors regularly.
  • Review all manuscripts released to production, providing broad-stroke/big picture direction and outline of challenges to staff and compositors. Outline concerns/action plans to the department head.
  • Review and approve first proofs for all books (after sense read and before release to author) in the CMS, again looking for big-picture issues and opportunities, including ancillaries and spinoff product.
  • Support production editors and sense readers in review of keywords/abstracts for appropriateness and toward development of taxonomy.
  • Handle key textbooks and their ancillary packages personally.

Workload planning/staff development:

  • Review the monthly Pub Plan and use for workload planning based on proposed launch dates.
  • Use revenue projections and required schedules to “position” the project within the department (e.g., full-service handling, standard design). Discuss at our biweekly department meetings or one-on-one meetings.
  • Assign projects to staff with an eye to expanding their skill base as well as managing workload.


  • Manage and troubleshoot details of the project schedules directly with the production editors following procedures, our departmental requirements, and contractual arrangements with authors.
  • Ensure the status report/production database is updated in real-time from launch to delivery to CoreSource and the digital platform, for both main product and ancillaries.


  • Ensure that ancillaries are tracked and produced according to the same quality and schedule criteria used for the main product.
  • For A/A+ books and key primary texts, work with external development editors and production editors/authors to ensure that ancillaries are competitive and high quality.


  • Oversee the permission process ensuring that required rights and key information regarding rights and/or copyright restrictions are reported to the department head, editorial, and the digital platform managers and recorded in Acumen.
  • Attend biweekly department meetings to discuss project challenges in the context of process, quality, schedule, and budget; sense readers/production support vendor/vendor development and performance issues; budget issues.


Posted 10/25/17