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An Introduction to Hospitals and Inpatient Care

SKU# 9780826121943


  • Eugenia L. Siegler MD, FACP
  • Saeid Mirafzali MD
  • Janice Foust PhD, RN

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This book offers an overview of key elements of the hospital -- its structure, administration, and its functioning. Students and new clinicians may be so focused on mastering specific clinical skills that they have little time to observe or question the whole process of care. This book looks beyond acute disease to the environment of care, how it works, how it doesn't work, and how it might improve. Issues discussed include understanding and communicating with families, the basics of hospital finance, how dangerous hospitalization can be to the elderly, and how to minimize errors. Medical students and residents, advanced practice nurses, and physician's assistants, are among the many potential readers for this book.

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  • Publication Date February 01, 2003
  • Page Count 368
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826121943
  • EISBN 9780826121950

Table of Contents 

    Part I: The Hospital Setting
  1. Hospitals: Stand-Alone to Integrated Health Systems, H. Idriss
  2. Paying for Hospital Care, K. Grazier
  3. Working in Teams, E.L. Siegler
  4. Nursing and Nursing Care, C. Kovner
  5. Training Physicians in Hospitals, M. Pecker
  6. Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, F. I. Segal-Gidan
  7. Medical Informatics, D.A. Campbell, P.D. Stetson

  8. Part II: Caring for Patients in the Hospital
  9. Hospitalization Can Be Dangerous, B.G. Raik
  10. Preventing Functional Decline, S.B. Gans
  11. Choosing Alternatives to Restraints, E. Capezuti, S. Wexler
  12. Deciding About Diets, B. Kinosian, R. Berlin, C. Compher, et al
  13. Wound Care, E.A. Ayello, E.L. Siegler
  14. The Delirious Patient, L. Honkanen, B. Raman
  15. Isolation, B. Gallison
  16. Care Management and Case Management, B. Doyle, B. Vallejo, M. Horman, et al

  17. Part III: Facilitating Continuity of Care
  18. Hospitalists, S. Mirafzali
  19. Easing the Transition between Nursing Home and Hospital, K.S. Boockvar, M. Camargo
  20. Discharge Planning, J.B. Foust, M. Dimond
  21. Maintaining the Patient’s Health in the Community, V. LoFaso

  22. Part IV: Common Social and Ethical Issues
  23. Families: Roles, Needs, and Expectations, S. Euster
  24. Providing Culturally Competent Care, A.R. Green, J.R. Betancourt, J.E. Carrillo
  25. Ethics Committees and Case Consultation, S.K. Agrawal, J.J. Fins
  26. The Patient as Research Participant, A. Herb
  27. End-of-Life Care Planning, J.B. Scholder, A.A. Brody, M.M. Bottrell

  28. Part V: Improving Quality of Care
  29. Minimizing Errors, M.S. Donaldson
  30. Risk Management, B. Regan
  31. The Role of Outcomes Research, M.A. Callahan, N. Hupert, D.S. Battleman
  32. Creating Quality Improving Projects, R.J. Rosati